Employer:  Joyce Happy English Learning Center

Position:    English teacher for students ages 3~15 years old.

Location:   Beijing China

Start Date: Anytime


  1) Speak authentic English, with no strange accent.

  2) 18 years old and above.

  3) Minimum 1 year commitment.

  4) 6 days per week: approx. 40 hrs/wk(30 teaching,10 prep)

  5) We are seeking someone with a pleasant demeanor that

      is mature, responsible, reliable, dependable, flexible, open-minded, a team-player and willing to take work home when not finished. You must love children and be willing to take on challenges.

  6) Language training certificate(s)helpful but not necessary.

Compensation and Benefits:

  1) Salary starts from 8000RMB per month depending on experience (8000RMB amounts to approx. $1200 depending on exchange rate. Detail see contract)

  2) Bonus when 1 year contract is completed (Case-by-case basis)

  3) Free housing provided(teachers share a room with other teachers) Teachers will share the minimal cost of utilities for the apartment.

Work Visa:

   Some restrictions apply to teacher's age, diploma type. Visa expense varies depend on teacher's credencials. Cost will be different on case-by-case basis. In certain situations, candidate will need to share some of the cost.

About the School:

   The school can be best described as a small-size start-up. The school provides a family style environment. We need passionate and motivated people to help us grow. This job is best suited for those who work for a cause and not just for money.

To Apply: 

gmail:       mengli.usa.61@gmail.com

qqemail:   1094513749@qq.com

facebook: 1094513749@qq.com

Wechat:    A1094513749

Skype:       mengli_usa