School Requirement FAQ

Who should apply for this job?

      If you are sick of your current situation and perhaps you want to make a career change, you should look into this opportunity. If you want to gain experience living in China, if you like to explore, and if you are interested in knowing more about Chinese history, culture, tradition, language, people, or even Chinese food, you should apply; If you like challenges, if you want to help make differences, if you want to make things happen, if you want to work and have fun with work, you should apply; If you are interesting, friendly, easy going, good with people, good with kids, if you have lots of positive spirits and energies to spread around, if you like to make lots of new friends in China, you should apply.


Who should not apply for this job?

      If you are lazy and just want to make quick and easy money, if you are not willing to work hard, you should not apply. This job requires you to give and to devote for a cause. If you are not mature, don’t know what you are doing, don’t know what you want in life, you should not apply. If you are always bitching, moaning, complaining, always negative about things, you should not apply.


What are the must-have qualities?

      Most of our students are pre-school or elementary school students, also most of our students are zero, or close to zero level in their English conversational skills. To work with them, you must love kids, love to work with kids, you must be extra patient; You must have good personality, easy going and easy to work with; You must be open-minded and humble and be a team player; You must be willing to take on challenges and put your mind to it; You must be mature, ethical and professional. You must be dependable, reliable and responsible; You must be passionate about what you are doing. You must be tough and be able to work under stress. You must be willing to learn.


What is required of my educational background?

      None! At Joyce Happy English, we believe that educational background or what you’ve done in the past is not important. Your attitude is. You can be a lawyer, a teacher, a professor, a nurse, an engineer, an army solider, a doctor, a house wife, a baby sitter, a nanny, etc. You can be a college graduate, an intern, a Ph.D, you can be 18 or 65 years old… Attitude is the key and nothing is more important than a willing heart!


Why is my pronunciation so important?

      In teaching English to young children, our philosophy is that they must learn from native speakers. We pay extra attention to teacher’s own pronunciation, they must be native. For this reason, you must speak native English. Your pronunciation should sound like a native speaker, in most cases, we accept native American accent, Canadian accent. Also, we are equal opportunity employer, race is not an issue. We welcome talented blacks as well as American born Chinese to join our team. We also welcome those who was not born in the native speaking country but grow up in that country as long as the accent is undetectable.


What is required of my health condition?

      As a small facility, we can not afford expensive health insurance for most of our employees. If you are prepared to come, you need to be health and free of any serious illness. Generally speaking, it is quite affordable to treat normal small symptoms such as cold and flu. We do however provide an emergency insurance, in case of emergency, that coverage does help but can’t be always guaranteed. Our past experience is, exercise, eat smart, stay healthy, take care of yourself.


I don’t have enough money to fly over there, can you help?

      Yes. If you are serious about coming to work, we can help with the plane ticket. This is how it works. Our contract will require you to commit minimum one-year service. Once you have successfully fulfilled one-year contract, you are qualified for a 7000RMB bonus which usually covers the round-trip ticket. That said, if you need help, we will help you pay for the plane ticket up front. Of course, if you fail to complete the one-year contract, you will need to refund the amount that is proportional to the time not serviced.


What about the living arrangement?

      Housing is very expensive here in Beijing. It is somewhat comparable to New York, Chicago, San Francisco. It is very difficult for a first-time new-comers to meddle in the rental market. We provide free housing for all of our teachers. Most likely, our foreign teacher will have a single room to him/herself. In rare occasions, you will be asked to share a room with another staff. Sharing apartment/facilities with other people can sometimes challenging. You need to be responsible and be mindful about other people’s daily schedule. You need to obey to the rules setup by all tenants, and you need to learn to communicate with others when issues come up. In case you decide not to share with other staff and you want to find your own apartment, the school will share the cost of the outside rental 50% until it reaches the 1500RMB limit. Keep in mind, you will be responsible for the up-front deposit which usually amounts to several months’ rent, and you are not guaranteed to live with a compatible roommate. Finally, you are not guaranteed that your deposit money will be fully refunded at the end of the lease period should you decide to leave.