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About Our History


About Joyce Happy English

      Joyce Happy English Learning Center is a unique, one of its kind American after school style English training facility for Chinese children. It is created by one Chinese American couple, Meng and his wife Hong. The center is located in the city of Wangjin in Beijing, China.

      The story of how Joyce Happy English got started is interesting: Many years ago, Meng and his wife lived in Bay area, California. Meng was an IC designer at Broadcom and his wife an insurance agent for New York Life. In 2006, Meng and a couple of his high-tech engineering friends decided to start a company in China specializing in high-end integrated circuit design. In order to better catch up the tech boom then in China, Meng relocated his entire family back to China. At the time, their daughter Joyce was only 2 years old. The couple wanted Joyce to grow up with both Chinese and English skills so they placed her in a dual language kindergarten near where they live, hoping that she would learn both languages at the same time. The couple quickly discovered that the English teachers at the kindergarten speaks English but carried horrible accent. What’s even worse, was that Joyce had picked up those accents very quickly. Right there and then, Joyce’s parents decided that they must do something about it.

      The couple rented a small two-bedroom apartment and turned each bedroom into a classroom, they then hired some native English speakers directly from the US and have them play with Joyce three times a week. This immersive language learning environment attracted several of the neighbors’ kids to join and pretty soon, several such small sized English conversational classes got started.

      Initially, there were only a dozen students attending each day, but as the years go by, Joyce’s ability to use English in daily conversation progressed tremendously. As more and more people hear about the story, the center gained huge enormous popularity, making “Joyce Happy English” a brand name in the area. Over the years, Joyce Happy English has transformed from a loosely organized language interest group into a full bloom training school. Today, about 150 people attend Joyce Happy English classes on weekly basis.

      Some of the key elements that set us apart from our competitors are: 1) we are probably the one and the only one training center that doesn’t focus on exams/tests. Unlike most of the others where the main goal of learning is to force students to memorize things. Those test-driven approaches, overtime, will undoubtfully end up boring the students and killing their interest. 2) We are the rare ones that stick to philosophy of using native speaking English teachers in the classroom. This greatly enhance the quality of our teaching. At Joyce Happy English, the students are happier, the teachers are happier simply because they are having fun while learning.

     Our Joyce Happy English staffs lives together and work together. They work hard and they work as a team. As we are looking for opportunities to expand, we are looking for energetic, enthusiastic, passionate teachers who has a goal in life and knows what they want. Joyce Happy English is one of the best!